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This month of the year will start on a good note. Many of you will be content with the way the month will treat you. This will be a phase where you will be happy with your way of life. Some of you may plan to start a new role or undertake some resolutions. However, putting them into practice will be a little challenging. Still, you will leave no stone unturned. Around the middle of the month, you will be firm to put your resolution into practice. Towards the middle of the month, some of you may need to travel. You may enjoy leisure and feel relaxed to travel to your favourite destination. There is a possibility that some of you may plan to work on a partnership business around the middle or latter half of the month. This may be with a foreign partner who will wish to work with you on an immediate basis. It will boost your confidence and even resources that will be brought in by your partner will turn out to be rewarding. If you are looking for a suitable partner, then this month may be quite interesting. Those who are single may come across an interesting person who may soon turn out to be your life partner. However, you should take this relationship slowly and steadily. You will be happy with your partner who will be happy to find a suitable relationship. But things may not be easy for married couples. There may be personality clashes which will be irritating. Again, health will take a beating.