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["Singles might bump into their childhood crush at a social function. Things may not go so smooth on the family front. You may do well to handle the situation tactfully without losing your temper. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses whenever possible. This may ensure a stable financial position throughout the month. Patience and self-control may be important. Your financial inflow may increase. While you may meet numerous people at a social function and make friends, be careful while choosing new friends. Exercise proper discretion. You might wish to spend money on things you don't need. However, you may be able to easily manage routine and incidental expenses. Married couples might plan a small trip to give each other quality time. They may have a great time together. Every moment spent together may be flooded with romantic bliss. Your regular income flow may not be disturbed. However, you may constantly look out for other avenues of increasing income. Businessmen may need to persevere and work hard. Middle-aged and older people may remain distressed due to some family issues. Try not to turn it into an ego issue and stretch things too far. You may do well to have a malleable attitude. If you are unable to generate sufficient funds through your current sources of income, we suggest looking out for new avenues to earn."]