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Weekly Horoscope

This is a good time for you to progress and explore new opportunities. Promotion and a raise in salary might be on the cards. Continue to hard work and put in your best efforts. However, around the middle of the month, be ready for professional setbacks. Be patient and stay calm. Avoid getting into office politics. This is a challenging phase for you. A good time for students. You will get good results in your examinations. Avoid any kind of distraction, but do not ignore extra-curricular activities. Stay determined. Be focused on your work. You will yield good results, and this will boost your morale on the work front. Make the most of this phase as your chances of achieving academic success are greater. The natives of Scorpio are likely to find this month extremely favourable in terms of love and relationships. Singles are likely to meet someone interesting during this phase. As for those in committed relationships, you will get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your beloved. You will be recognised and feel more confident. For sales and marketing professionals, you will bring in big customers. In terms of your academics, you are advised to work harder as the end of the month may be a testing time for you.