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How Can a Scorpio Enhance the Quality of Life

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This odd combination of fire and ice that is the signature of the Scorpio personality can show itself in a variety of situations. Here's a closer look:

scorpio At work

At work

When it comes to analysis, research, and data assimilation, no zodiac sign can hold a candle to Scorpio. Just as a chatty Gemini is the perfect addition to your sales department, you'll want Scorpio seated firmly in the deep annals of the company, solving your most complex problems. You can expect the Scorpio employee to be driven and ambitions, able to work lengthy shifts (up to twelve hours at a time if need be!) and to be a virtual genius when it comes to money. While Scorpio may be a tad reticent, no other can excel in a crisis the way this astrological sign can!

scorpio When In Love

When In Love

When In Love The depth of Scorpio's personality really shines through when in love. Hopefully, Scorpio is in an emotionally safe relationship because if they are, they'll be able to express the full depth of their passion, intensity, and sensual nature. On the other hand, if you like to play it footloose and fancy free, turn elsewhere as you'll find Scorpio's intense and sometimes controlling nature completely unbearable. Scorpio will never:

- Forget a birth date or other important anniversary date.

- Fail to share their emotions and feelings.

- Leave, only doing so if the relationship is "over" in some way.

scorpio Fun with the Family

Fun with the Family

Scorpios love who they love with a tremendous amount of depth and that goes for family members as well. Within the family structure, you can always count of Scorpio to help; there is little that Scorpio won't do for a family member that is in trouble. Be that as it may, if there is bad blood between Scorpio and a family member, you can expect Scorpio to completely cut that individual off. Scorpio will literally view the situation as if that person has died. That may sound extreme, but there's no middle ground with Scorpio! If Scorpio thinks they've been betrayed, they won't relent until the other person says sorry.

scorpio At Play

At Play

And that brings us to another well known Scorpio trait- competiveness! This sign wants to win no matter what they happen to be doing. There is no such thing as a "friendly" game of tennis with Scorpio, as you will soon find yourself scrambling out of the way of overhead smashes and ongoing sharp volleys! This sign is built to go the distance and can endure hours of sport long after their teammates have called it quits or are reaching for their water bottles. In truth, exercise is actually a great outlet for Scorpios because it allows them to realize their intensity and competitive nature in a positive way.