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Scorpio Spirituality
  • 03-Oct-2018

Scorpio Spirituality

The eighth zodiac sign Scorpio is one of the three water signs. Represented by Scorpion, a Serpent and an Eagle, a Scorpion is epitomized as evolution from physical to spiritual domain.

Scorpio’s Crystal:

Citrine helps a Scorpio to stay harmonious and placid. It brings in optimism and hopefulness encouraging them to search positive answers in times of difficulties.

Scorpio’s Remedial quote:

“My captivation is an avenue to my Integrity”

Scorpio’s Colour of energy:

Purple is the colour of royalty and brings in liveliness and vigour.

The religious face of a Scorpio

Scorpios are dedicated spiritual souls and perform rituals with utmost sincerity and faith. They will not do anything fake or without faith. When their belief is true they will give their cent percent assurance and commitment. Many have holy leaders hidden in themselves as others honour and adore them. Scorpios feel spirituality in physical activities intensely and prefer sweating out to have a complete body experience. They love to explore spiritual teachings and choose the one to which they can relate themselves to.

Karma Booster for Scorpio

Unrefined Scorpions are very difficult to understand. They are so intensely passionate that they sometime become paranoid. Scorpions have an ability to find the weakness of people. They love to keep their own secrets and like to reveal others secret. But once they understand the karma and its nature, they bring drastic changes in their lives. Such Scorpios become spiritual.

Every sign has to face the consequence of past actions. This is called karma. Our past karma affects our present and future. It is like a ball bounced against the wall which will come back on us with the same force. A Scorpio needs to learn how to maintain a peaceful state of mind and keep their anger and rage in control. Though this is a long process, one can use the following steps to keep their poise and tranquillity.

  • Take a break: taking a break helps one to unwind and think for oneself. It calms down the raging emotions and helps to see things in positive perspective. It also helps one to get prepared emotionally for the future events.
  • Control your tongue: It is not always good to be straight on face. Being frank and honest is good, but remember that nobody is perfect. Your bold comments are not always required. It is good to sometimes keep your opinion to yourself.
  • Watch movies: Spend some time with your partner watching movies and just relaxing. Get something to munch and cheer up.
  • Do things you hate for a change: It’s not always good to refrain from doing things you hate. Indulge in activities you are not fond of, for your friends, partner or loved ones. You will not only take them by surprise, this will strengthen your bond with them.
  • Pamper yourself: One of the best methods of relaxing is pampering yourself at a good spa or a parlour. It helps you to temporarily cut off from the world and find time to rejuvenate.