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Scorpio Health
  • 03-Oct-2018

Scorpio Health

Energy, force and passion define a Scorpio. Activities involving powerful workouts like running, boxing, martial arts, dance, tennis etc. Help them generate more control and power. The main disorder or illness a Scorpio may suffer relates to UTI’s, abdominal and below issues. The chief asset of a Scorpio is zeal and vigour. Scorpio’s Weakness includes drilling physical sessions, sweating rigorously for longer hours alone.

Healthy Routines for Scorpio

Best physical workout for a Scorpio is boxing. Whether participating in matches or just coaching, sweating and training will help them expel irritation and resentment. They require a perfect fitness routine.

All kinds adventure sports like mountaineering, rock climbing, parasailing, skiing etc. bring positivity and peak energy. They have a very high metabolism rate. Very secret driven, Scorpios prefer to unwind alone though they have leadership qualities when working in groups or teams.

Health Concerns

Scorpio dwellers are susceptible to issues and infections of sex organs. Problems in urinary tract, cystitis and other concerns with genitals are common with Scorpios. Other health issues related to emotional troubles and stress is also common.

For Scorpios, the leading source of both joy and headache are sex organs. They see sex as fusion of mind, body and soul. They achieve an emotional balance accompanied by physical fitness. When one is into depression or drowned in feeling of guilt, then the issues below the belt also arise.

Looking on the optimistic side, Scorpions are frank and straight forward both in and out of the bed. They accept when sex is not enjoyable and make it apparent when it is. Their honesty is directly related to their parts. Their health and wellness is related to sex which in turn affect their organs.

Techniques with which Scorpion’s can overcome depression

  • Share your woes with a true friend: The heaviness in the heart can be reduced by sharing your feelings with a true friend with whom you can confide in.
  • Reading books: Reading novels, especially sad ones will reduce your sorrow.
  • Lighting Scented candles can raise your mood and cheer you up.
  • Screaming, shouting or howling, even at a wall will help you out of gloominess and depression.
  • Yoga and meditation will bring you out of sorrow.
  • Having sex will relive you out of distress and build emotional connection.
  • Immaculate: Scorpions love well organised homes and cleanliness. They take a lot of effort to keep things tidy and neat.
  • Scorpions like to change their looks and go unconventional.
  • Long drives relieve them from stress and tension.

Remedial Medicinal Herbs

  • Raspberry leaves: Links to the reproductive organs can help to calm and pacify their nerves.
  • Aloe Vera: Cools the temper of a Scorpion and reduces anguish.
  • Ginger: It helps cool down the anxiety and brings in cheerfulness
  • Coriander: It brings in excitement and ecstasy and directs the energy positively.

Perseverance and commitment are prominent qualities of Scorpio which are their strengths. They are filled with optimism by doing physical activities and drain the pessimism in them by sweating. They are not very socialising person and like to spend time to themselves.

Scorpio Career, money and success
  • 03-Oct-2018

Scorpio Career, money and success

Scorpio’s greatest career advantage:

Commitment and passion. When they are intensely passionate about something, they put in their heart and soul into it.

Scorpio’s favourite Inspirational quote:

“Precision is virtue”

Scorpio’s Career challenge:

Scorpios are passionate about winning. In this quest, they sometimes forget to differentiate between the right and wrong.

Work style of Scorpio

Fascination and obsession bring the best out of a Scorpio. The drive to excel encourages them to work day in and day out in projects they are obsessed with. The dream career of a Scorpio is to become a team leader of a worthy team. But when the team is not contributing up to the set mark, they prefer working alone. Scorpio requires a few takes to identify the arena of joy and excitement.

Brilliant, creative and Knowledgeable, Scorpions are amazing multitaskers. They possess all qualities of an entrepreneur. Their foresighted vision makes them a great businessman.

Scorpio’s Dream Career


 Since Scorpions are wonderful at speaking and convincing, they make good agents. Their ability to read between the lines and negotiate, help them win good bargains. They feel powerful and satisfied holding the strings of a client’s career by controlling the deals. The attention and spotlight received due to this is very much relished by them.

Movie director: 

Being artistic, and passionate about one’s interest, Scorpions make wonderful film directors.

Good at managing restaurants:

 Scorpions love to do unconventional things. This makes them attractive in a business like running a restaurant. They are also food lovers. The ambiance influence them a lot, hence they take effort to offer a great place for people to enjoy their food.

Tech entrepreneur: 

Scorpions are tech savvy and love to be updated with the latest technology. The big rewards associated technology drives them towards this field.


Smart and resourceful, their secretive nature makes them good spy. Willingness to take risks and standing out from the crowd make them stay a step ahead of others. Their foresightedness is also a big factor which helps them make predictions about others.

Money and Scorpio

Intelligence and smartness helps a Scorpio to make quick money but their nature to live luxuriously lead to fewer savings. They get irked looking at others income especially if they perceive others to be a step behind in terms of skills and smartness. They need to self-discipline themselves in context of finances and become more spend thrift.

Arising the internal Phoenix

There is a phoenix hidden in every Scorpio. Phoenix is a powerful bird known to emerge from ashes of destruction to a new world. The following are few steps a Scorpio can take to awaken Phoenix within themselves

Do what you fear:

Do not let any fear to hold you back. Drive away your entire phobia by indulging in activities which you fear the most.

Wear Red:

Red symbolises power and energy. Every Scorpio must have red in their wardrobe.


Holding your emotions to yourself break you internally. Find a right shoulder to cry on and relieve from frustration and anger through tears.

Know all about the Scorpio personality to understand your compatibility
  • 19-Sep-2018

Know all about the Scorpio personality to understand your compatibility

Scorpio Personality: How is it different?

Scorpions are characterized by qualities like being independent, passionate and unafraid to follow their own trail, irrespective of what other care. The best part with Scorpio Personality is that they make a statement in any surroundings. They are fond of debates, and are not at all among those who wish to keep safe distance from controversy.

You won’t find a Scorpio stepping out of debate. A close look at Scorpio Facts reveals their trait of keeping a safe distance from those who are not genuine. They care for being authentic.

This is the reason why for some people that are not aware about Scorpio facts, these people seem to be somewhat frightening. However, it is a lesser known fact that Scorpios are highly emotional as well and their feelings sometimes overpower them. The outlooks of Scorpios drive them and serve as their strength but they can also get beyond control and vulnerable due to the flexibility of their nature.

This is the reason behind the touchy and sensible nature of these people and can also serve as one of greatest Scorpio’s challenges. However, this is just an outer shell beyond which these people love, are loyal and passionate in nature.

They show wonderful enthusiasm to whatever comes to them from life and can turn out to be an employee who is highly dedicated, a friend who is most loyal of all. In the initial stages of love, Scorpios might seem to be highly cautious and their probable partner might need to face number of tests coming from these people.

In terms of the expectations from their partner, Scorpios do not present clear ideas and this makes their probable partners feel to act like a mind reader who can analyze their demands.

However, they can enjoy intense connection with their partners in case these initial hurdles are cleared smoothly in coordination with each other. These people are honest and straight forward and they always speak to their heart. This is the reason why both at the work place as well as home, respect is commanded by Scorpio people.

Scorpio’s Challenges:

Scorpios tries to show them so very tough that sometimes it entirely reflects their weak side. They pretend to be apparently uncaring, prickly and cold to other people but this attitude must not be extended beyond the line after which it gets draining.

This serves to be an important fact of Scorpio personality and a little care towards the same can turn the situations towards positivity.

Secret Scorpio facts:

Empathy is something that is the best part of Scorpio Personality. These people are watchful in nature and can quickly pick as what the other person is feeling. This helps them to deal with the situations effectively since they are well aware of the fact as how to react and tackle things in particular circumstances with their wonderful power of understanding.

Love Compatibility of Scorpio zodiac sign
  • 19-Sep-2018

Love Compatibility of Scorpio zodiac sign

How do they show love?

Scorpio being ruled by the planets like Mars and Pluto has only one way to display love and that is completely. They don’t believe in leaving matters half a way. They are completely into passionate love and all night arguments. They are a firm believer in the power of love.

Scorpio’s knows exactly how to play the strings with their traits like flirtatious nature, mysterious eyes and seductive moves. They might pretend to not know anything but they are the actual string players inside. They use their body language and subconscious thinking patterns to manipulate the situations and people they love.

They are a complete fan of romantic candle lit dinners with light music and dancing. They love to don perfect outfits for the occasions irrespective of mood they are into. All they want is to have the best of the romantic dates.

Though Scorpio is also a water sign it tends to hide a lot of emotions inside unless they find the perfect one to share them with. They will not disclose their feelings and secrets to any stranger they meet. If they are sharing it with someone, he/she has to be a significant one.

Best Love Match

  • Aquarius: Both the signs are known to play their own drums. The cool and composed Sagittarius can provide some tips to Scorpio in order to diffuse of their intense emotions.
  • Cancer: Caner and Scorpio have a mutual psychic connection which will help the cancer understand the feeling of Scorpio
  • Taurus: Taurus is known to be the most grounded zodiac sign. The intense one will control Scorpio as they cannot be dragged into any drama easily

Ideal Date Night

Scorpio adores the perfect romantic date décor. So be prepared with the reservations in advance with some beautiful candles, flowers, wine, cocktails and dim lights. Scorpio give preference to the ambiance of the location and would love to bring their love interest to such places. For them it is all about losing out in the fantasy world.

Want Some Tips to Seduce a Scorpion?

Scorpio has a fear of rejection in their minds therefore they have the tendency to reject the person who likes them at once. This is their own method of testing the person’s loyalty and facing their own fears.

  • Good sense of Humor: Scorpios are fun loving person as well as very romantic in nature. Try to display a good sense of humor, sarcastic jokes and quirky answers is what they look for in a person. It would be better if you don’t push yourself as a very cool person.
  • Intelligence: Don’t just go by the laid down rules. Use your own intelligence, common sense and display good IQ levels. Be updated and talk more about knowledgeable topics and you are definitely their favorite!
  • Independent: Scorpio loves independent people who have their own opinion, mindset and a style of living. Discuss your hobbies which shall let Scorpio know that you have a life of your own and not controlled by anyone else.