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How to seduce a Scorpio
  • 30-Nov-2018

How to seduce a Scorpio

If you are in love with a Scorpio and there are high chances that you need to face rejection. This is possible at least once in the case of love with a Scorpio so stay prepared for it. Talking in profound terms, the Scorpio that is considered to be very strong might be suffering from own fears of rejection or facing rejection. This is the reason why they might try rejection on someone in love with them in order to test and become assured of the fact whether the person is true to them and serious. In this case, you need to make the Scorpio believe about your feelings and make them assured for your love. Here is how you can get the Scorpio fall for you.

Scorpio like humorous people:

Those who are independent thinkers are admired by Scorpio. This is the reason why their book will keep any comment or sarcastic retort for long. In other words, the best way to seduce a Scorpio woman is to stay least worried about being cool.

You should enjoy your own life as well: A relationship that looks to be codependent does not attract the Scorpio and they are never interested in it. If someone shows that romance is needed by them in order to be complete then Scorpio shies away from such people. So if you want to know as how seduce a Scorpio man or woman then keep in mind of not showing complete dependence in the relation. If you want a Scorpio in life then make them assured of this by having family, friends and hobbies that are full of life.

This is the best way that can work if you are in love with a Scorpio and are looking for ways as how to seduce a Scorpio girl and make her fall for you.

Have your specific intellect:

If you have a smart personality and want a Scorpio in your life then the good news is that they might have a soft spot for them. This is possible since smart people are loved by Scorpio. If a Scorpio likes you then you can make them fall in love by showing your intellect. It is another strong trait that can help if you want to know as how to seduce a Scorpio woman or man. For getting success in this, some helpful tips are: stay updated with the latest happenings by reading news, have conversation with your Scorpio love regarding your favorite books.

Along with these tips, you can also attract the Scorpio by learning something new and inventive on daily basis. Scorpios love creativity and therefore you can earn their attention with activities that help you learn something unique every day. These are helpful tips for all those who are in love with a Scorpio and want to have a strong and loving relation with them. It might seems to be difficult in the initial stage to win the heart of Scorpio but when they are in love with you, rest assured of a lasting relation.

Nurturing Scorpion child
  • 20-Nov-2018

Nurturing Scorpion child

Scorpions are characterized by big emotions and even big hearts. Along with this, they have deep-running passion and are excellent leaders. They mostly have extra sensitivity and are also the most formidable enemies in some cases. If you are blessed with a scorpion baby in your family then here is a snapshot of the personalities and preferences for your infant.

Best Scorpion child names

As discussed, Scorpions are mysterious, powerful, emotional and intellectual. So, what to name such a mysterious, powerful and dynamic child? Names which are inspired by nature are a good match for the scorpions.

Names suggested for Scorpion Boy: Intellectual Scorpion deserves a fiery name. Duncan (dark warrior), Durand (enduring), Harvey (army warrior), Jude (one who is praised), Nico (victorious), Rayner (counselor), Louis (famous warrior), are some names for your little boy.

Names suggested for Scorpion Girl: Names such as Anastasia(resurrection), Cassandra (prophet), Imelda (powerful fighter), Deliah (night), Kali (dark Goddess), Meredith (protector) are best suited for your scorpion girl child.

Toys for scorpion child

Scorpions love to imagine a world which is full of adventures. They also find that toys which they can share their emotions with. The best-suited toys for them are: stuffed animals and baby dolls.

Parenting a scorpion child

A Scorpio kid dependably walks to the beat of their own drummer and numerous pariahs may comment on how Scorpio kids appear to be particularly shrewd or knowing past their years. Delicate and serious, a Scorpio child can appear to be high needs from the very first moment and may require additional snuggles and closeness.

Scorpio kids may have fits, however, it's important to acknowledge they're lashing out in light of the fact that they cherish you and on the grounds that they feel safe to do as such. They can once in a while require to assist learning with playing and seeing the senseless side of life. Encompassing 

them with activities where there is no set in stone, such as planting, can be useful. What's more, Scorpio cherishes to feel helpful, so get them engaged with heating, cooking and such activities.

A proper communication with them and occasionally sacrificing your needs and own feelings for the sake of your child is a key for better parent-child relationship.

Persistence is everything with regards to raising a Scorpio. They will provoke you and break limits and what they require is a quiet parent who won't shout at them after infarction.

A scorpion needs space and loves to do things alone. It is necessary for a Scorpio child, to interact with others and to create bonds with their siblings. They live in their own world and sometimes, the attempts of joining those feels like an interruption.

Activities for Scorpio child

Scorpio cherishes an unpredictable universe of pretend, which can once in a while get excessively serious, particularly when other children are included. A lot of crafts such as clear paper set the phase that enables a Scorpio to give bountiful innovativeness and this gives them the chance to feel free.

Date ideas for Scorpions
  • 19-Nov-2018

Date ideas for Scorpions

Scorpions adore sentiment and enthusiasm, including up throughout the night fights.

Ruled by red-hot Mars and ruinous Pluto, they have one mode for connections and that is all out. They never do anything midway and trust that genuine romance accompanies genuine fights. Scorpio can pull the strings, depending on non-verbal communication and subliminal prompts to influence their potential accomplice to do precisely what they need them to do. Seductive, alluring and mysterious, these people adores playing hard to get at first and may seem as though they never lead the pack.

Date ideas for Scorpio man

The main thing to remember while dating a Scorpio man: he always likes to be in the control of the situation. If you want to make your date successful with a Scorpio man then appreciate his efforts and give credits to his input. Allow him to think that he is the sole reason for your successful date. Scorpio man does not like to get controlled by a woman and if he thinks that you are starting to control him, then you need to clear out the air between you two.

They like outdoor and adventurous places and love all kind of sports mainly water sports as it includes outdoor recreation.

Scorpio men are social and therefore they enjoy parties, charities and social gatherings. Even in these affairs, you have to let your date to take charge.

As described above, scorpions are sexual and they love to end the evening with intimacy.

They don’t like to share their personal things with anyone until they know the other person. They love to interact with anyone and are interested in knowing them. If you are dating a Scorpio man, then you need to tell everything about yourself, even if he does not reciprocate.

Scorpio people love showcasing their feelings through several means and this is the reason why dating with them can give you the best dating experience ever. Water sign Scorpio conceals a great deal of feeling underneath their surface and when they get opened up with the partner, they need it to be forever. They sometimes also keep their self-down to prevent their relationship from desolation.

Date ideas for Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman adores the idea of love and relationship. They are also kind of an introvert and reserved for their personal things but once they get opened up and find themselves comfortable, they will reveal everything about themselves. A Scorpio girl will not come after but she will seduce you without doing much after all, with her hypnotic stare. If you lie to her and keep on lying, she may not forgive you. She won’t nag you until you confess her. You must have to gain her trust and when you are successful in gaining that, then her mysterious life and sexual confidence will make you fall in love with her unconditionally.

Scorpions are ambitious and love to get respected. She needs you to respect her and she will respect you in return.

Scorpio Spirituality
  • 03-Oct-2018

Scorpio Spirituality

The eighth zodiac sign Scorpio is one of the three water signs. Represented by Scorpion, a Serpent and an Eagle, a Scorpion is epitomized as evolution from physical to spiritual domain.

Scorpio’s Crystal:

Citrine helps a Scorpio to stay harmonious and placid. It brings in optimism and hopefulness encouraging them to search positive answers in times of difficulties.

Scorpio’s Remedial quote:

“My captivation is an avenue to my Integrity”

Scorpio’s Colour of energy:

Purple is the colour of royalty and brings in liveliness and vigour.

The religious face of a Scorpio

Scorpios are dedicated spiritual souls and perform rituals with utmost sincerity and faith. They will not do anything fake or without faith. When their belief is true they will give their cent percent assurance and commitment. Many have holy leaders hidden in themselves as others honour and adore them. Scorpios feel spirituality in physical activities intensely and prefer sweating out to have a complete body experience. They love to explore spiritual teachings and choose the one to which they can relate themselves to.

Karma Booster for Scorpio

Unrefined Scorpions are very difficult to understand. They are so intensely passionate that they sometime become paranoid. Scorpions have an ability to find the weakness of people. They love to keep their own secrets and like to reveal others secret. But once they understand the karma and its nature, they bring drastic changes in their lives. Such Scorpios become spiritual.

Every sign has to face the consequence of past actions. This is called karma. Our past karma affects our present and future. It is like a ball bounced against the wall which will come back on us with the same force. A Scorpio needs to learn how to maintain a peaceful state of mind and keep their anger and rage in control. Though this is a long process, one can use the following steps to keep their poise and tranquillity.

  • Take a break: taking a break helps one to unwind and think for oneself. It calms down the raging emotions and helps to see things in positive perspective. It also helps one to get prepared emotionally for the future events.
  • Control your tongue: It is not always good to be straight on face. Being frank and honest is good, but remember that nobody is perfect. Your bold comments are not always required. It is good to sometimes keep your opinion to yourself.
  • Watch movies: Spend some time with your partner watching movies and just relaxing. Get something to munch and cheer up.
  • Do things you hate for a change: It’s not always good to refrain from doing things you hate. Indulge in activities you are not fond of, for your friends, partner or loved ones. You will not only take them by surprise, this will strengthen your bond with them.
  • Pamper yourself: One of the best methods of relaxing is pampering yourself at a good spa or a parlour. It helps you to temporarily cut off from the world and find time to rejuvenate.